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Payroll Management Software

Our product is a comprehensive and specialized payroll pay management system specially designed for your organization. Considering its simplicity, flexibility and pricing, this is the right solution for all your company HR and payroll requirements as it is compatible, adaptable and also upgradeable to changes as per rules and regulations in the future. We are an exclusive package of support for management personnel to manage their pay roll and associated administrative functions. Web-based enterprise HR Solution has mainly four user role-based modules  Admin, Human Resources, Managerial and Employee.

HR Management Software

Web-based HR Software is one of the premier offerings of Airnetsoft Technologies. We are here to help you implement a whole new culture into your organization the one that would spell success. With our software, you will have all the necessary tools that could boost employee loyalty, initiate worker drive, inculcate passion, and promote core values. The software also gives managers an easier way to access employee profiles, talk to them, and evaluate their performance. In the same way, employees can easily confer with their managers in full ease.

HRMS & Payroll Highlights

  • Application for Employment
  • Employee Management
  • Holiday Calendar
  • Multiple Shift Management
  • Employee Leave Management
  • Employee Leave Opening
  • Employee Leave Carry Forward
  • Salary Grade Management
  • Salary Increment
  • Employee Attendance Register
  • Spot Employee Attendance
  • Attendance Voucher Entry
  • Out Station Duty/Service Employee Management
  • Employee Loan/Advance Management
  • Canteen and Other Deductions
  • Employee TDS
  • Employee Overtime
  • Employee Salary Register
  • EL Encashment Detail
  • Full and Final Settlement
  • ESI Register
  • PF Register
  • Gratuity Management
  • Attendance Report
  • Salary Report
  • Employee Pay Register
  • Reporting Sanction for the analysis of Attendance.
  • MIS Reports etc.