seo-1Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Optimizing website is important in bringing more visitors to our website. To rank first page in google need SEO. Google ranks websites based on keywords. Our website rank in the first page of google, if we optimized well for that keyword. If we optimized more keywords, then we having more chances of getting visitors to our website. More visitors to our website could bring more revenue.
Visitor Engagement
Visitors to our website need to be retained for more time to generate more income. Use the following steps to improve visitor engagement.
Design your website with responsive design. Responsive design helps, visitors to view our website in desktop, tab, Mobile in enhanced way. Which make visitors stay in our website for more time than normal.
Create more links.
Good name for page title.
Use best font size.
Reduce page load time.
3. Regular Updates
Remove outdated content from website, which improves the credibility of your website. Redesign or revamp your website at least once in a year. Change your contact number, Email address and address of your business when you changes the same. Subscribe for a website maintenance package to manage your website updates.Offer discount, People always looking for some offer, free product or service. Give discount on your product on festival sessions. Which may motivate your visitor to buy products.
Integrate Social Media
Social media bring visitors through your post. Create twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages for your business and integrate with your website.
Mobile Website
People shifting towards mobile from computer, which is handy. Information can be accessed from anywhere at any time. 99.5% accessing information through mobile. 15% of the people purchasing through mobile. It is ideal to have a mobile site to generate business or share information. Decision makers rely on mobile device to make product research and purchase the product.
Landing page optimization
Create landing page and send people to the relevant targeted pages. Tone of your messaging should be consistent with expectation of your website visitor. Get the attention of the visitor by writing clear targeted headline. Keep less content and convey required information. Use CTA’s in landing pages. Include sharing button in your landing pages, which bring more visitors.
Create a blog
It is easy to create blog for your business where you can update content without html knowledge. Blogs plugins help you to optimize it easily. You can quickly and easily create more webpages.