Airnetsoft offer all the features that are necessary for you to run your online business very efficiently.

Add products to the store

  • Use our product data bank: Use from the exhaustive product data bank of close to 50000 products with rich media presentations, features, and images that you can simply drag and drop.
  • Use bulk import and edit tool: Upload a excel spreadsheet of your catalogue information like SKU, Price and Inventory
  • Use form based interface: Use product add-edit wizard to make managing product catalogue simple

Design and manage the storefront

  • Create the web store with absolutely no technology skills
  • Built-in CMS features e-commerce tuned web parts library, gives a simple way to edit the storefront, as simple as using a word processor

Payment gateway

  • It is very simple; choose from the list of supported processors; enter your merchant ID or account number, merchant key and other details; click save and the payment gateway is good to go.

Shipping providers

  • Configure and offer a super flexible shipping setup in a few clicks. Specify the size and weight of your products; define your shipping zones; appropriate shipping options will be shown at checkout automatically; create shipping codes and attach them to products

Order Management

  • Allows providing better customer service to your consumers
  • Manage complete work-flow of order management from receiving your orders through payment authorization to shipments to post-sale
  • Every order created is linked to a customer in built-in CRM. This allows the retailer to keep complete history of customer purchases, offer loyalty bonuses and send out intimate email campaigns